Ground Transportation

Rio Grande Valley Ambulance and Paramedic Services

 The Foundation is committed to provide the best possible ground transportation to its community and citizens. The Ground Division consists of the most technologically advanced equipment and modern fleet, combined with a staff of highly trained, dedicated professionals making STEC one of the top EMS services in the State of Texas.

911 Ambulance Services

A fleet of ambulances is strategically located in the area to facilitate efficient response times to the communities and the vast rural area served by the Foundation. 911 emergency transportation services are provided by contract with local cities and Cameron County.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Scheduled non-emergency ambulance transportation is provided to hospitals, nursing homes, patients at home and other healthcare facilities. Many patients need medical attention and transportation to and from medical facilities even though their condition may not require an emergency response. While most patient transfers are in the local area, some are made to destinations outside of the Valley to distant parts of the State. Appointment times are handled by a state-of-the-art computer aided dispatch system, which assigns the appropriate ambulance to transport the patient to their scheduled appointment.

Critical Care Transport

Critical Care Transport is designed to transport patients with specialized needs, usually from one medical facility to another on an emergency basis. These patients are typically in an emergency care unit such as Intensive Care at a Valley hospital. When it is necessary to move these patients to another facility, a specialized team must be sent. The team, comprised of a Critical Care Registered Nurse, a Paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician (if needed) responds in a specially equipped vehicle. The patient is then transported to the destination hospital, usually to the receiving Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit or other Specialty Care Unit.