Ambulance Crew and Equipment

Ambulance Crew

The Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulances are staffed with a Paramedic/Paramedic or Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician as a minimum. Basic Life Support ambulances are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians. A Critical Care Registered Nurse is assigned to a ground ambulance when a patient’s specific needs require.

Ambulance Equipment & Supplies

The ambulance is an important component of the transport service. It transports personnel and equipment to the patient and enables the appropriate level of care to be performed during transport to the destination. Federal and State government specifies minimum criteria for ambulance design, performance, equipment and appearance.

The vehicles can accommodate two to four patients and two or three medical team members. Storage cabinets and shelf space for medical equipment and supplies are permanently installed and free of protrusions. All equipment and supplies are secured to prevent them from becoming harmful projectiles during emergency transport.