Transport Procedure

Emergency and Non-emergency Fixed Wing Aircare Transports

Valley AirCare Fixed Wing Division is available for emergency and non-emergency medical transports 24 hours a day. From the initial telephone contact, our Valley AirCare staff will provide all arrangements.

Upon receiving a fixed wing air-ambulance request, our medical coordinator will contact the physician or health care facility and assess the current condition of the patient. The pilot will simultaneously proceed to prepare the aircraft, file a flight plan, and assess weather conditions. Ground ambulance arrangements will also be made and the estimated time of arrival will be provided to the referring hospital.  During the transport, our flight team will evaluate and continually monitor the condition of the patient.

Estimated cost and financial arrangements will be made prior to the flight. In the absence of verified insurance coverage, pre-payment of the cost of the flight will be required or financial arrangements can be made. Based on the stability of the patient, one family member may accompany the patient on the flight at no added charge.